Procedures for

Inmigration Visas

Migration regulations, which regulate the entry, stay and departure of foreigners from various countries, establish different categories of visas so that foreigners can legally stay in the desired country.

Foreigners wishing to enter one of these countries will require a visa. Generally, the foreigner enters with a tourist visa. Tourist Visas are not required for foreigners who are nationals of those nations with which these countries have signed Visa Suppression Agreements.


If you enter Panama for a limited time you can do it in quality and under the condition of:

  • Tourist
  • Artists, Sportsmen, Auditors
  • Student
  • Visiting family
  • Missionary or Religious
  • Technical or Expert
  • If contracted by the Government
  • If you are hired by a Company that has contracts with the Government


If you want to settle permanently in Panama. You can do so under the condition:

  • Married to National
  • If you have a capital of $ 250,000.00
    Investor (Business)
  • If you have a relative who is a permanent resident
  • If you have a job
  • If you are a farmer
  • If you are pensioned or retired
  • Countries Friends, Free Trade Agreement