An invention shall be considered new when there is no prior art in its state of art (anything that has been made publicly accessible or available anywhere in the world by tangible publication, oral disclosure, sale or marketing, Use, or by any other means) prior to the filing date of the patent application in Panama or, where applicable, before the date of priority claimed.

Creation of

Patents of Invention

They are objects of protection through a patent (patentable) according to the precepts of "Law No. 35 of May 10, 1996", new inventions, the result of an inventive step, and susceptible of industrial application.

By invention, any idea applicable in practice for the resolution of a particular technical problem, which may be a product (understood as such is any substance, composition or material, and any article apparatus, machine, equipment, Other tangible object or result, as well as any of its parts) and / or a process (understood as such any method, or sequence of steps leading to the manufacture or obtaining of a product or result, as well as the use, or The application of a procedure or a product, to obtain a determined result) or the special use of a product or the non-obvious use of the product.