With the passing of time, the firm has created receptive and proactive relations with its clientele. Since it existed as a firm Raul E. VACCARO has followed a trajectory with clients that have created long-lasting relationships with us, and that can only be described as an international elite.

Our main purpose is to get a total satisfaction from our customers, so promote us all our work attention to the needs demanded by the us, since we assume that the success of our customers is our.



Forensic firm; Successor to RAÚL E. VACCARO, whose founding partner RAÚL EDUARDO VACCARO T, has been practicing law since 1962.

Due to the experience gained by its founding partner in banking Affairs and as Executive Manager at the same time that practiced law, the firm has specialized in commercial law, corporate, regulatory and administrative.

Lawyers and professionals with extensive experience in Banking and Finance, Accounting and legal experts in the above mentioned fields are part of this firm.

Currently manages plural number of international clients and maintains correspondent with various important firms in America and Europe.